Mandy (3/26/2018)

I talked with Mandy Kimm again this morning.

It was the first time we've chatted in about 6 months. She has been traveling the east (presently in Seoul), privileged enough (as am I) to be engaging in the grand tradition of post-grad soul-searching. 

Each time we talk, I find meaning in life. There is a profound window that opens up between the two of us, and it always lends itself towards revelations outside of ourselves. Dealing with the nature of life, of time, of healing, of love. A familiar and welcome softness in my stomach, a humility, and a reverence for this human experience. And the end of our talk today, I said that I hope we get to see each other in person some time in the coming year. I believe we will. She is the kind of friend I travel for, one whom I sense myself tethered to for the long arc. I wrote in her graduation yearbook that we would talk again in forty years, in the same way, and what stories we'll have to tell. It would be a privilege to live that long. But what stories we have underway already.