On: This Blog

The short answer is that I take no moment for granted. A large part of myself expects to die very soon, very often. 

That notion doesn't disturb me if I've taken care of what I need to. For a long time, that meant making some musical work that would mean the world to people. I aspire to that still, every day, but have grown to understand the other achievements I've earned in my life.

This blog is dedicated to the most important: the people I've met over my (now) twenty-two years of life. 

If I die, it's my hope someone will stumble across this, and make it public to the world.

I should also note: this list is, and always will be, tragically incomplete. As anyone who's tried to put pen to paper in the service of the soul will attest to: words fail us every day. Especially in expressing the incomprehensible joy and peace found in love. The main point is that I have felt love for every one of you. Deep, deep love. It is my prayer that I had the courage to act with it, though I know there are many instances in which I haven't. That's being human, I think. A condition I haven't been able to rid myself of yet. At the end of the day, it's something I embrace. Every stuttered breath, every kiss received and given, every delicious fucking meal I've gotten to enjoy on this earth have resulted from it. It's why we're here. And what a blessing that is.

Sending you all love,