On the Weekend, New Revelations

This weekend had the air of a memory I will look back on as marking a conscious movement towards a new section of life. I went out both nights, with Sean the first and by myself the second (making new friends on both accounts), and while I felt little pressure to work (and didn't make a huge amount of progress on my outstanding projects), I realized a number of important things, both about myself, and about my work.

1. I began to realize ideas in my head for a number of projects. One is the electronic multimedia project I'm calling Night Walker. An EP of electronic music featuring formant-shifted vocals, and dark beats, centered around a character walking alone at night. A number of songs (perhaps starting with Be There) could have ambitious music videos - artistically shot night-time dance videos. Perhaps with some costuming (meeting Annie this week was really cool - I'd of course be beyond hyped if she came on to the project). 

Another is some sort of art share / zoo experience here in Richmond. We could host it in the theater lab - I could set up the space, and we could get works from various local RVA artists. Dancers, musicians, visual artists, poets, whatever. The point wouldn't even be the art. It would be in the creating of a space (and, hopefully, a community) that interfaced with art making in both a serious, and extremely welcoming way. Also as a vehicle for collaboration. Flash collaboration. 

I love this idea of my podcast as well. Having so many conversations these days about art-making, the reason we do it, what we're trying to get at. Just need to start whipping out the iPhone and recording them. Should figure out how to word that ask, but it's worth asking.

2. I expressed again to myself some of the things that I love, that I need in life. Socializing - meeting new people frequently and jumping between groups. Recognizing myself as having a dual social presence, being a leader and a witness at different times. That I adore being outside, and know that being in nature changes my perception of most things (for the better). That I adore dancing, and need to do it often. That I am smart. That I am looking for love - not necessarily romantic love - but I am actively searching for people who I feel I am similar to (I almost wrote deeply connect to - that list is quite long actually - the list of those like me is much smaller). That this takes time, and a great deal of openness. 

So exhausted now, though. Need a full nights sleep, and then start some real work tomorrow.