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In The Fading Light


In the fading light,

In the fading light,

We walk through heavy snow,

And we are coming home,


Feel the touch of night,

Dripping down your spine,

And then the sight is wrong,

And then the light is gone,


And I think we’re lost now,

I think we’re lost now,

If there’s a time to pray,

I’d pray these bones away,


Columns touch the sky,

Columns touch the sky,

The sprawling palisade,

Outside of night or day,


Then the flash of light

Then the robe of white,

He grabs us by the hair,

And drags us up the stairs,


Oh oh oh easy there,

Oh oh oh easy there,

Oh oh it’s so easy there,

To breathe and to be ensnared,


What if he leaves us there?

What if he leaves us there?

He’s gonna leave us there,

He’s gonna leave us there,


He says we’re lost now,

He says we’re lost now,

And if there’s a time to pray,

We lost it on the way,




In the fading light,

In the fading light,

We walk through heavy snow,

And we are coming home.


Curving World and Arcing Sky


Lost hands,

We wander through the snow,

To find a former home,


In a new land,

Though each image looks the same,

We feel that one will change,


We now look up,


Oh darling someday soon this shaking moon,

Will hold us in its arms,

Towards the safest room,

Or willowed tomb,

We grow,




Then things change,

There are voices in the leaves,

And names upon a tree,


Lights frame,

An image of a bed,

A child rests her head,


And I, don’t know,

How I can feel such love for worlds unknown,


But through her brown eyes,

The weight of our love,

Comes like water from the places we can’t go,


Now they face us,

The hearts we left alone,

To watch us stray from the world that they know,



You kissed my head,


As did my father,

When we left that day,


I heard him say,

To keep this place,

Inside our bones,


Yet I felt it fade,

In every night,

I cried for love,


And I called his name,

As we all died out,




At the edge of all we’ve known,

I raise my hands and ask that all is shown,


Every curving world and arcing sky will fall,

Lost between the two’s

A place we knew,

And we call.


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There Are Voices


Well there are voices,

I hear ‘em in the leaves,

I see ‘em in the windows,

And I feel ‘em in the breeze,


There are voices,

They’re coming with the days,

They’re shattered at the edges,

And they’re gnawing in the haze,


Well there are voices,

I hear ‘em in the leaves,

They’re calling for the sinners,

And they’re calling for me,


Well there are voices,

They’re calling to us all,

Found my name on a canvas,

Found my blood on the wall,


There are voices,

And I can hear them come,

Sit back and watch them listen,

Whip snaps then we run,


There are voices,

They’re turning in the rain,

They lose their fluorescence,

But they blind us all the same,


There are voices,

I hear ‘em in the leaves,

While they’re tapping on the windows,

We’ll be gasping in the breeze,


I heard those voices,

Didn’t know what they said,

And I’ll be running with the voiceless,

Till the day that I’m dead.




Circles surrounding our hands,

We dipped them cool in the lake,

Rippled into each other and grew,

Then faded away,


You had a voice in your heart,

I felt its warmth as you breathed,

You touched my head with water and said,

Do you believe?




Rain hit the top of your car,

As we drove through the summer night,

The calm of your face, our delicate place,

Moved towards a light,


I asked if you were afraid,

Of all being lost in the sand,

You said that no, for waters would show,

Our father’s plan,


I followed you to the tower,

Where everyone stood wearing white,

They said the leaves were burning from trees,

On earth that night,


We looked down on the world,

The oceans and fractaling land,

Then touched my face, the seraphim grace,

A guiding hand,


I felt my feet near the edge,

I felt the end coming soon,

I cried for rain, for love, and for pain,

But I jumped for you,


Darling I’m made of this world,

And all that I want to believe,

Is that there is a home outside of these bones,

For you and me,




You kissed my neck on the hour,

That red ran through Gabriel’s hair,

The breaking of bread as he hit his head,

On tower stairs,


Waves hit the final shore,

Where we stand and all will arrive,

The stones have been thrown, the ripples have grown,

And now we die.