Your Experience of Me

Hi all,

Last spring, I worked on an installation piece with three friends of mine, Jesse Arnholz, Chelsea Ettlinger, and Vida Weisblum. The focus of the piece was on the mother-daughter relationship, and the places and objects that make it up. It was in a room. On one wall was a portrait of a woman in a bath towel, lounging in a white chair. Along another was a desk overflowing with papers. The final wall had a white table ornamented with two candles, an orange, and a box of tic tacs. And hidden in the corner of the room was a closet, with drawings hung about, books hidden away, and a journal on the floor, to be read and added to over the course of the installation.

Playing throughout this room was a piece of audio. It was made up of recordings I made of Jesse, Chelsea, and Vida talking to their mothers on the phone, edited down and set to piano music. Today, I’m uploading that audio to Soundcloud to be shared. While it was meant to be played as part of this installation, I feel it stands pretty well on its own.

I would recommend trying to sit and listen to it in one sitting, however. If you’d like, we’ve compiled some of the photos of the installation, which might be interesting to look over while listening.

Here’s the link:

And here are the photos:

Wishing you love,