I Would Die 4 U - With Lucy Dacus

At the beginning of June I spent a week with Lucy Dacus. We played a couple of shows together, heard Michelle Obama speak at Oberlin's commencement exercises, and camped through varying degrees of cold in an enduring and extremely blue tent. It was an absolute joy and highlight of the summer, and I thank Lucy immensely for being the inspiring, warm, talented individual she is. 

Somewhere along our travels, Lucy told me about a couple who had emailed her about a cover she'd released a long time ago with her friend Adam. The song was Prince's "I Would Die 4 U," and the couple had seen a video of Lucy and Adam playing it on Youtube. They liked it, apparently, so much so that they asked if any recorded version existed such that they could use it as their first dance. Lucy asked me if I'd be up for trying to record the cover, and I of course was very excited to do it.

We recorded it on a Sunday in one of Oberlin's classrooms. And I mixed it over the next couple of days in Oberlin's Slow Train Cafe and Lucy's kitchen in Richmond. It is small, and I very much hope you like it.

Much love to all,