A Communion (live)

A number of weeks ago I performed a concert in Fairchild Chapel. The goal was to produce something that felt like convergence, or God, or whatever the word is. I was joined by Margaret McCarthy, Griffin Jennings, Raffi Boden, Delaney Meyers, Mobey Irizarry Lambright, and Josephine Stockwell. Reflections on that night have been ongoing, but a constant thread has been the sense that it felt new. Some people hugged each other afterwards. Another person told me it felt like a religious experience. For me, it was a first step towards something important: a type of musical performance that is deep, safe, and based on collective vulnerability. A communion, of sorts.

Alex Wilder recorded the concert, and Will Johnson and I mastered it. You can stream/download it here:

An immense thanks to all those who were a part of it. Looking forward to what comes next.