I Ran My Fingers Through Your Hair And It Felt Like Water


The week before tour started was a hectic one, involving me and Margaret trying to throw together an hour-long live show, record a four-song EP, and, when possible, sleep. Because of this, moments of rest were few and far between. One memorable one, however, was the spontaneous recording of this song, which happened after lunch one day. That morning had seen us very frustrated with the state of our show, and in an attempt to break the funk (or to facilitate it), I decided to try some guitar loops. This one came together in about 10 minutes (at the end of which I pitch-shifted it all down an octave, making it feel kind of like it's in slow-motion), and as soon as it was finished, I called Margaret into the room, and we laid on the floor listening to it for around 20 minutes. It kind of requires the listener to meet it in a place as still and delicate as the one it occupies, and that, for us, was a really blissful reminder of what we were trying to capture with the show. Not sure what stresses are ailing you at the moment, but, assuming there are some, I hope this helps in some way. 

Much love,