Redder's "Border/Lines EP"

Like music? Me too! Let me show you some:

I first found Redder's "Border/Lines EP" right before heading off to school this past fall. Me and my mom listened to it late at night as we drove through some heavy rain, and I've been listening to it pretty consistently ever since. I'm no scholar of modern electronic music, but it seems there is a branch of the genre that is combatting the maximalism of Dubstep and much modern dance music with smaller, more precise sounds. James Blake was the first artist I heard to do this, and Redder seem to be on the same path.

Listen to "Border/Lines" for example:

It's just sampled drums, vocals, and piano, with occasional bass and ambient noises. It's also a crazy awesome song. The melody becomes quite addicting (especially the part at 2:17), and the sparse, semi-industrial atmosphere is really very beautiful, especially late at night, driving through rain.

Perhaps another trend in electronic music at the moment (I like trends) is the movement toward manipulating acoustic sounds, rather than generating electronic ones. In this song specifically, most of the drums, the vocals, and the piano could exist outside of a computer, but their combination -- the atmosphere it creates -- would not be possible without computer processing. Go computers! Also, Redder. You guys rock.

To download their whole EP for free (as you should), go to