Late Night Ramblings: On Blog Posting

As I've recently redone my website and vowed to become a more connected and interesting internet-person, I've had to engage a number of questions I had never looked into up until this point. "What in the world should I write about?" is a good example. The openness with which the internet expands is a bit daunting. Just as when we walk into the supermarket without a plan or are confronted with one of those scary 100+ flavor soda machines, there is a rush of excitement, and a crippling pressure to make the right choice. This is compounded with the fact that the reason I feel compelled to write is to aide my music. Maintain a compelling blog. Engage people online with your writing. It all helps the end goal of connecting with people through music.

Though maybe I've been a little nearsighted in how I view this. In 7th grade I stated my goal in life as "music." I would be a professional musician, recording music and touring for a living, and this was because it was something I loved and thought I was good at. Why did I want to be a musician? Why do we need music at all? I knew it was what I needed to do, and felt that it was of monumental importance that I did, but I had no reason. In senior year of high school I defined music's purpose as emotional connection between people: to create a wave of feeling that unites those willing to let themselves be taken away. We are social creatures, and next to survival connection is our biggest desire, so music makes sense as important to the this goal. 

Now, looking forward, I see this end as independent of music. Conversation, poetry, videogames, writing, film, television, art of all scales and mediums connects people. They do so with different strengths, and in varying ways, but share the same result. Thus, is being a "musician" really my goal? It seems that I, like every artist, like every person on this planet, just want to connect with others, and I've chosen music as my path in doing this. I suppose the desire goes deeper than simply connecting with others, but creating opportunities for others to connect as well. Regardless, this is something that extends beyond music, and should always be viewed as the end achieved through music, not the means to becoming a "musician." So writing a blog will help promote my music, but the second I view that as the goal, it becomes lost. In blog posting, as in music, as in life, the goal is connection. That is why I will write, and that is where I will go.